Get to know the Sami Parliament better though an English language guide on your phone, now available

Now visitors can learn about the Sámi Parliament through the convenience of their own phone. The service is free and can be used anytime, anywhere.


Via the app Voice of Norway, visitors learn about the establishment of the Sámi Parliament, The Parliament's role nationally and internationally, and the distinctive architecture and art in the Parliament building. Sámi history and culture are also discussed, and listeners can hear the sacred yoik composed specifically for The Sami Parliament by Ánte Mihkkel Gaup.

The new English and Norwegian language audio tours are available to everyone via the Voice of Norway app. Visitors to Kárášjohka can download a route through the Sámi Parliament, and the app will automatically play the various stories as they travel through it. The guide is now in English and Norwegian, but will be expanded to include more languages ​​over time, including Northern, Southern and Lule Sámi.

“We welcome everyone to learn more about the Sámi Parliament via the app - and this offer is also important for foreigners who want to learn more about the Sámi parliament,” said plenary leader Tom Sottinen.

The app is free to download and free to use. With the guide on your phone, you can experience the Sámi Parliament in your own pace when it suits you best.

Svea Vikander reads the English texts. Vikander has lived in Guovdageaidnu and holds a master's degree in indigenous journalism. “It’s important to me that visitors understand the long struggle of Sámi people and this guide can help to educate the public on their right to self governance,” said Vikander.

How to use:

Download the Voice of Norway app via your smartphone. Search for the Sámi Parliament and download the route. When the route is downloaded, you can turn off mobile networks and get information about each point automatically when you move in the surrounding landscape. If you are listening from home, download the app and search for the Sámi Parliament. Tap on the various points in the route.

Did you know that the Sámi Parliament also offers a digital tour via our website? ​​Watch a digital tour of the Sami Parliament Building