Sametingspresidentens tale ved premieren av filmen "Ellos eatnu- La elva leve"

Sametingspresident Silje Karine Muotka holdt hilsningstale under åpningen av Tromsø Internasjonale filmfestival- TIFF23  i anledning premieren av filmen "Ellos eatnu- La elva leve" av Ole Giæver. 

Buorit olbmot,
Sávan lihkku otná stuorra beivviin dáppe Romssa Internationála Filbma Festiválas! Viimmat beassat oaidnit filmma man guhká leat vuordán, mii muitala oasážiid sápmelaččaid dáistaleamis ja vuoigatvuođaid gáibideamis. Álttá- Guovdageainnu eanu dulvadeapmi lea okta dain váddáseamos ja losimus áigodagain dálá áiggis sápmelaččaide, mii maiddái lea buktán stuorra váikkuhusaid min servodahkii.

Dear everyone,
I would like to congratulate you all on this great historic day at Tromsø International Film Festival with the premiere of the opening film “Ellos eatnu – Let the river flow”. It is a big day with an important milestone, we finally get to see the film we have been waiting for, a film based on the struggle and recognition of Sámi rights. There were many brave people who fought for Sámi rights during the Alta-Kautokeino action, and who have maintained their commitment to this day. I want to thank you for your courage and effort.

I would also like to congratulate and thank the director Ole Giæver, for making this film about our most important struggle in the 1970s and 80s. My hope is that this film will be an eyeopener both nationally and internationally.

Ella Marja Hætta Isaksen- giitu dutnje go leat nu čielggas vuoigatvuođaid ovddideamis ja čehpet geavahat iežat oaiviliid máilmmilávddiin!  Don leat jállu, don leat oaván go juohke beaivve, juohke diliin válljet bealuštit ja čilget áššiid sápmelaččaid perspektiivvas. 

Thank you Ella Marie, for your commitment, for your courage and strong voice. You have worked purposefully for many years already and you have a very clear message on all the world`s stages. You are fearless in current debates and always on the search of new ways of communicating and bringing new perspectives to the table. Now you are also an actor, and I am confident that your commitment will influence today`s young people to ask even better questions about the Sámi situation.

TIFF is an important arena for Sámi stories, and I am pleased every year to see many Sámi contributions on the film program, as well as stories from our indigenous sisters and brothers from around the world.

It can give you new and interesting perspectives and conversations that you might not otherwise engage in. Likewise, the Sámi narratives are very important to TIFF, because it is often in these films that you get a small glimpse of the unique diversity in the north. I am very proud of our talented storytellers and I wish you all a great film festival.

Finally, I have the honor of welcoming another highly skilled Sámi storyteller to the stage. We will hear her version of John Lennons “Working class hero”. She wants to express her gratitude to our brothers and sisters who were in the frontline, guiding her while she herself was struggling to find her own Sámi voice and identity. We will also hear the joik that inspired her to make the famous Gula Gula.

It is of course, min iežamet njunuš láidesteaddji - our own leading star, Mari Boine. Leage buorre, Mari!